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Talia Sommer

Laramie, WY, United States


This guy has been at our feeder all morning. He is bigger than a sparrow but smaller than a robin. He is mostly black and white but the black has a lot of brown on the back neck and in the head stripes. Please let me know if you can. His head has a white stripe down the middle of his head, another above his eye, and another along the beak line that is white and yellowish.


Can You ID This Bird For Us?

4 replies on “Can you ID this bird for us?”

Talia Sommer says:

I can’t figure out how to edit my original post. But he is here again and he is black and white only on his tail and wings. His head is brown with white/yellow streaks. The top of his tail is black and the bottom is white. He has a cone shaped beak.

Talia Sommer says:

juvenile male rose breasted grosbeak! Thank you bird forum!

Gary Mueller says:

Hi Talia:

Your bird looks to be an immature rose breasted grosbeak. Here is a link that might help.


Aleene Jones says:

This bird looks to be a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, let’s see what others say.

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