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Laura Finazzo

Orono, MN, USA


I have to say that this is one of the best surprises I’ve ever had. Earlier today I caught a glimpse of a bird on the suet feeder. I wasn’t sure what it was because the only thing I could see was the tail, but they way it was positioned, I thought it was a wren. I’ve never seen a wren on the suet feeder. When I moved to a window that had a better view, it was gone. A few hours later I was standing under tree that has the White-breasted nuthatch nest, and I spotted movement behind the tree. The way it held it’s tail told me it was a wren, bit the color and shape were not what I’d expect to see on a House wren, which is what we have here in Minnesota. But, as I looked through my viewfinder, I was flabbergasted. No, I said to myself, this can’t be a Carolina wren, we don’t have them here. But, that’s exactly what it is, and I’m sure that’s what was on the suet feeder.


Carolina Wren

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