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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


I bought a feeder especially so that I could provide mealworms for my Bluebirds, without having to provide mealworms to the gluttonous larger birds like jays, grackles and blackbirds. The Bluebirds use the feeders but nowhere near as frequently as my Carolina Wrens. They are really enjoying this special feeder, and, if they are happy, I’m happy.


Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren enjoying a mealworm feeder

One reply on “Carolina Wren”

Bob, I, took your advice, and bought 3 bags of mealworms,, it was all they had..

, (we find them rarely in stores here,) and had 41 starlings.. GREAT STUFF..

Next time you post ( all your pictures are really so clear.with great light…and appreciated.).

slip the name of the mealworm feeder..It looks efficient..

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