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Matthew Sabourin

Newton, MA, USA


I heard a bunch of birds taking flight from the backyard, which usually means a hawk swooped through. I am not certain as to why they keep coming; I know all the yard birds are tempting, but the hawks are never successful.
Too many eyes keeping watch. Regardless, I looked out in the backyard and observed a few doves on some branches, and sparrows in the hedge, very low activity for this time of day, seeming to confirm my suspicion. However, I noticed a large leaf inside the suet cage, which seemed odd since there is no way for one to get in. I grabbed my binoculars to check it out and realized it was a Carolina Wren. It looked somewhat nervous, pinned down almost, again most likely because of a hawk. I observed no hawks in the actual yard, and I went into the backyard to get a closer look and see if it was stuck. It did not move and being concerned that the issue could also be injury as opposed to fear, I went inside to grab my “rescue basket”. I also snapped a few photos. Fortunately, when I approached closer the wren hopped out and flew with much gusto into the nearby hedge, churring at me as it went. I shall name it Churro. Later in the day it was in a nearby tree feeding, so it was apparently fine.


Clever Bird

Clever Carolina hides in the suet cage while a Cooper's hawk looks on, unable to get at it.

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