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Joan Wiitanen

North Tear Lake Road, Houghton, MI, USA


A month in and he’s still stops by daily. This is amazing to me, only spotting one a few times in my life where we live. If it’s true a visit is from an angel, well this Christmas Eve will be my mother’s 30th death anniversary & was the only one at the time with her when she passed. I just turned 60, so do the math. She was less than a month away from 68. I have 3 siblings now over 70. It will never seem that long no matter how old I get. I know it’s a major sign from her. It’s just I think all birds are angels actually. Hey, they all have wings right? 😉 Merry Christmas




Conehead Carlos Still Here Digging The Snow! ;-)

3 replies on “Conehead Carlos Still Here Digging The Snow! ;-)”

Ava says:

Merry Christmas. I’m sorry about your mother.

Joan Ellen Wiitanen says:

Thank you. My parents were Joseph and Mary! 🙂 He passed when I was only 16. They put up our tree on Christmas Eve so thought Santa brought it. God took her on Christmas Eve because he needed a very special angel indeed.

Joan Ellen Wiitanen says:

PS…I just turned 60 THIS year 2022 to clarify. 😉

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