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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


I thought I would share this photo I got of a Cuckoo
in the open in Anderson County KY being that many
folks haven’t gotten to observe these secretive birds
at low/close range. Over the years I have gotten
several clean shots of these guys and all were
over water; this one being one of my two best.
This bird was feeding on caterpillars on the lower
overhanging branches of a Silver Maple this day.
The encounter lasted several minutes before the bird
returned to the upper canopy where they usually reside.
I was amazed this bird allowed me to approach so close
(within 40-45!) feet from the boat affording me this shot.

Cuckoo In The Open

Cuckoo in the Open

2 replies on “Cuckoo in the Open”

Laura says:

Wow! Great photo, Mark!

Bob Vuxinic says:

You’re right. I’ve never seen one in person. Thank you.

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