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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


I had a great time with a pair of Killdeer near a small pond in Fayette Count KY
recently. I was actually there to try and get some shots of the numerous ducks
flying in and had the company of two killdeer. They persisted in basically coming
right up to me making some very ‘un-killdeer’ like noises. So to have a bit of fun
with them; I got down at ground level placing my camera/lens in front of me
on the ground. To my astonishment both killdeer made a number of approaches
within a matter of 12 – 20 feet from me. This shot is one of several that I got
with the killdeer looking directly into the lens. I am not sure if they saw their
reflection in the objective lens and were curious or maybe just curious in
my presence in general; either way it was great encounter and allowed some
really nice shots.


Curious Killdeer

Curious Killdeer

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