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Pamela Wolfram

Cuba, NY, USA


These 5 white ducks are unknown. I haven’t been able to find them in any bird book. The body looks like that of a Mallard, but the coloring (white/brown) is different. The neck is longer. The bill looks similar to the Mallard. They do have the curled tails. They tip up for food gathering. There is a Mallard beside them so you can compare. Might they be albino Mallards? They were on Cuba Lake for the first time on 11-23-22 in the afternoon. Thank you for your help.




Ducks On Cuba Lake

Unknown white and brown ducks on Cuba Lake, Cuba, NY 14727

One reply on “Ducks on Cuba Lake”

Ava says:

Interesting…They might be leucistic American Black Ducks… Look up American Black Ducks, they are very similar to Mallards and sometimes hybridize with them.
Hope this helped!

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