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Pamela Wolfram

Cuba, NY, USA


These 5 white ducks are unknown. I haven’t been able to find them in any bird book. The body looks like that of a Mallard, but the coloring (white/brown) is different. The neck is longer. The bill looks similar to the Mallard. They do have the curled tails. They tip up for food gathering. There is a Mallard beside them so you can compare. Might they be albino Mallards? They were on Cuba Lake for the first time on 11-23-22 in the afternoon. Thank you for your help.



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Species: Mallard

Ducks On Cuba Lake

Unknown white and brown ducks on Cuba Lake, Cuba, NY 14727

2 replies on “Ducks on Cuba Lake”

Ava says:

Interesting…They might be leucistic American Black Ducks… Look up American Black Ducks, they are very similar to Mallards and sometimes hybridize with them.
Hope this helped!

Texas Bird Family says:

Those look like Indian Runners which are domestic Mallards

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