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David Tanguay

Maine 115, Windham, ME, United States


Bluebirds showed up yesterday on my berry bushes, Today there weremore (4) and they hit the suet feeder, worm feeder, seed feeders and the Holly Bushes in front of the house. Wonderful sight. Haven’t had Bluebirds winter over since 2007.

Eastern Bluebirds Wintering In Maine

Bluebirds in Jan in Maine

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Phyllis Wentworth says:

We had 6 Bluebirds at our feeders on December 24, 2017. What a wonderful surprise it was. I could get my eyes off from them. They even got drinks a the bird bath.

Philip F Kaminsky says:

Male Bluebird showed up on a branch in our Cape Elizabeth back yard on Jan 7, 2018 sunny day. Total surprise. 12 Deg F out!!

Debbie says:

Had a male Bluebird show up on my suit feeder this morning. Whitefield Maine

Deborah says:

Saw bluebird’s this morning here in Central Maine. Love them as sign of spring.

Kathleen Brainerd says:

We had a nesting pair this summer and they disappeared after the young ones left the nest. Now, suddenly, at the end of October, four Bluebirds are back at the house all getting along. What is going on?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Kathleen,
Once the height of the nesting season is over, birds become less territorial and gear up for migration. Bluebirds migrate shorter distances, but it’s possible that you have a group from farther north making a pit-stop, or a local group looking at a possible place to roost for the winter.

Sue Hartman says:

There were two males and a female at our feeder this morning, eating sunflower meaties alongside tufted titmice, a male cardinal, goldfinches, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and my favorite chickadees. We’d never seen bluebirds before in Cumberland Center. They are so delightfully blue!

Lynn Athearn says:

I live in Union, Maine and we have had 10 or more bluebirds at our Feeders. We have never seen them in the winter and it is Feb. 9, 2019 . What a blessing for us !

Kevin says:

I had 5 bluebirds on our feeders today in buxton maine !!! What beautiful birds

Lisa says:

I just had 4 bluebirds on my suet feeders in Freeport me

Julie says:

2 bluebirds landed on our deck railing this afternoon. I couldn’t believe it. First time I’ve ever seen them in my 11 years in Maine. This happened in North Yarmouth.

Julie Dugas says:

We had seven bluebirds at our home in Yarmouth… they showed up in December – I put out sunflower seeds, Dried fruit and dried mealworms, and I live mealworms in a feeder and fed them all winter and in the spring they all disbursed except for A male and a female…. Beautiful blue magic they are! We have a bluebird trail and last year we had five babies Fledge. As long as there is a good Food source, The bluebirds will stay… it’s a lot of work and a solid commitment but they are worth it ❤️

JOAN says:




Priscilla Pennell says:

I have been seeing several bluebirds all winter for the past 3 years. I live in Saco on the Buxton Rd. I have a pair raise 2 sets of babies each summer.

D. Taylor says:

Saw a chubby Blue Bird here in Litchfield Maine today. 1st one ever.

Mary E Collar says:

I’ve had blue birds, probably at least 2 dozen, most of the winter. Ive NEVER had any before. Have tried to attract them to no avail. Then suddenly in January I had a whole flock. But sadly this past week they disappeared. Any idea why or where they might have gone to?

Constance says:

I just saw a flock of bluebirds on Summit Street in Portland, ME. What a beautiful sight!!
I have never seen a bluebird in the winter, loved it, what a precious moment. I thought it was special last week when I had 12 robins in my tree and on the edge of the roof of my garage they were drinking the melted snow. I took a pick but it did not pose well, and I did not have my phone with me today when I witnessed the bluebirds…Just had to check how common it was to see a bluebird this time of year. I guess it is not that uncommon after reading some of the comments!

Caroline says:

I’m so happy to see my regular group of 4-5 bluebirds at my suet feeder that just showed up last month. But today is the first time they brought a young one with them! It’s early March here in Boothbay, and I just spotted a JUNVENILLE eastern bluebird with 4-5 other adult bluebirds at the suet feeder (along with a couple doves and female goldfinch). So, bluebirds are laying YEAR ROUND now in southern Maine, not just spring? Is this a regular occurance, just a fluke, indicative of a mild winter, or perhpas an evolved migratory pattern developing due to climate change? THANKS!
“You already have your wings. You just have to fly.” Anonymous

Roy says:

I saw one yesterday I was walking my dogs in an old cemetery and I saw this beautiful bird I hadn’t seen before blue with red chest it kep flying to the nearest highest grave stone I didn’t have my phone because my daughter likes to use it when she gets home from school so no photo. I got home and looked it up it was I guess an eastern bluebird very pretty this is in Brewer maine

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