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Bob Vuxinic -

Crossville, TN, United States


Phoebe’s often use human structures when building their nests, like on top of exterior light fixtures. In this case, the parents built their nest in a snug spot just under the house eaves, so it was well protested from the elements. However, the foundation of the nest was built up from the top crosspiece of the window frame which was only 1 inch wide — quite a feat of engineering! I couldn’t get the camera high enough to show the whole nest, but there were actually four nestlings in it. They fledged just two days later.



Eastern Phoebe Nestlings Ready To Fledge

Eastern Phoebe nestlings

One reply on “Eastern Phoebe nestlings ready to fledge”

Ava Krol says:

This is a great find for me. My neighbor in North Carolina found a nest under her upper porch (veranda?), and took pictures. I was able to identify the nest and babies thanks to this page. Everything fits perfectly!.

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