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Brenda Adams-Weyant

Marienville, PA, USA


The Western PA Conservancy is tagging evening grosbeaks in Forest County. We participate by recording any birds with leg banks and transmitters. This year we recorded 155 sightings of tagged birds.



Evening Grosbeaks At The Feeder

Great winter for seeing evening grosbeaks at the feeder.

One reply on “Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder”

Julie D Vogan says:

I have just identified 2 male Evening Grosbeaks at our feeder. We live at 5000′ in Northeast CA. I have never seen these birds here, especially in winter with snow! It appears they only live on the eastern regions, but I am in the West, outside of Susanville, CA. They really stood out, and fought off large Stellar Jays at the feeder for the food! I feed nuts & berries & peanuts to the squirrels, but only the Stellar Jays compete with the Gray Squirrels. I am sure of the identification. It was amazing!! Julie Vogan

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