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Karen Gasko

New Gloucester, ME, United States


Last year myhusb and and I noticed a Turkey Vulture circling overhead and a dead possum in the by our house -so we decided to put it the field in our back yard. They came, they saw, they ate! We had as many as 6 in the yard last year. So, this year when we saw the first Turkey Vulture we went on the look out for some carrion (road kill). My husband found a dead possum and put him out in the field. Viola! In came the first Turkey Vulture of the Season. They are a real site to see.! (NOTE: If you plan to do this, you don’t want to do it when the weather is warm! When the wind is “right” the smell is “wrong” !)




Feeding The Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture eating Carrion (road kill)

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