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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


Passing a rose bush that is growing near my house, a Song Sparrow suddenly flushed out and found refuge in a another nearby shrub. I knew that this probably meant that the bird had a nest in that rose bush, and, sure enough, when I went closer to look, I saw a nest embedded within. Enduring the thorns as best I could, I stuck my camera down inside the rose bush to get close-up of the four Song Sparrow eggs in the nest.




Finding Song Sparrow Nest In A Rose Bush

Embedded Song Sparrow nest in a rose bush

One reply on “Finding Song Sparrow nest in a rose bush”

Sherry carroll says:

I found a bird nest in my rose bush in April. 2020. it had 1 egg, now it has 3 eggs in it. This is the frist time I had a bird to build a bird nest in my rose bush. I am so excited that the bird built it’s nest in my rose bush. My roses have all bloomed.

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