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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA




First Junco Of The Season And First Junco I Have Seen In A Tree.

The first time I have seen a Junco in a tree

4 replies on “First Junco of the season and first Junco I have seen in a tree.”

Great shot, Janice. And, I also have rarely seen a Junco anywhere but on the ground.

janice Davis says:

Thanks for comment Bob
Love your pictures and I am so envious of your bluebirds. They are in my area-but they don’t visit.

Bob Vuxinic says:

Mine began to visit my feeders when they started wintering-over, and they’ve expanded their diet during the winter, but mainly come for the dried mealworms.

Bob Vuxinic says:

I should have made it clear that my comment above was referring to the Bluebirds, AND they come to my feeders ONLY during the winter. They are all around during the summer but never visit any feeder during that time.

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