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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


During the last 2 months,, I have been fortunate to have Pine Grosbeaks daily feeding..
The last few days, have been very difficult in providing seeds in the feeders.. actually almost impossible.
The freezing rain has left the branches covered with ice, and even the last fruits on a few bushes
have not been eaten by the Bohemian Waxwings., who briefly visited.
Actually, the squirrels have helped by digging and have uncovered seeds.
I had about 12 Pine Grosbeaks this Morning..watching and waiting for me to change and fill new feeders
filled with sunflower seeds.and their patience paid off..



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Freezing Rain And Pine Grosbeaks

Freezing rain

2 replies on “Freezing rain and Pine Grosbeaks”

Aleene Jones says:

Great pics., Andree, wish the PINE GROSBEAKS would come down here , they are so beautiful.

will send them your way, providing better weather conditions..many thanks..
But,, they love piles and piles of sunflower seeds..and really know how to dig them up..

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