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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA

From Large Mockingbird To Little Warbler-I See At Least 9 Different Species At Peanut Butter Suet.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

4 replies on “From large Mockingbird to little Warbler-I see at least 9 different species at peanut butter suet.”

Texas Bird Family says:

Nice! I had a Red-winged Blackbird at the feeder yesterday, The Peep comes every day as well. Do you know if your mockingbird is a male or a female? I like to name the regular visitors to the feeder.

Texas Bird Family says:

Male mockingbirds are normally thinner, they have long tails and sing.
Female mockingbirds are small, normally rounder, and have darker shorter tails.

Janice Davis says:

Thanks! I never knew how to distinguish between male and female
Mockingbirds. There is always just one visiting

Texas Bird Family says:

You’re welcome! Do you think your mockingbird is a male or a female?

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