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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


We had a rain storm and drizzle a few days ago.. then a nice snow storm which lasted all day,
Everything froze,

The next day,, 7 squirrels had made a mess.. and that is when, all these Evening grosbeaks started to
come down in the yard.. and the Blue Jays were not very welcoming,, so I thought about the Mini-hook over
feeder used for cows and or horses..and it worked,, The Blue Jays immediately took their turns,,
all 7 of them..and the area was less occupied and welcomed the Grosbeaks..

Luckily, I, Always have spare feeders

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Going Nuts Over The New Feeder!!!

Grosbeaks waited until After the storm..

One reply on “Going nuts over the new feeder!!!”

Aleene Jones says:

Congrats. Andree on Evening GROSBEAKS & as always the beautiful Blue Jays.

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