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Bob Vuxinic -

Crossville, TN, United States


Lots of Common Grackles have hit my yard recently. Besides the difficulty of getting the correct exposures (either the birds may be too dark, or the rest of the frame too bright), I loved the chance to get sharp close-up photos.


Grackles Find My Feeders

Common Grackle

One reply on “Grackles find my feeders”

Lisa says:

How do you get them to stay away, not to be mean, They come 30 @ a time. Scared my little birds away, seems soon as they hear the grackles, they take off. My cardinals have been gone since they came. I know they have to eat to, Why not play nice & they poop all over our cars!! LOL Anyone else noticing that your daily birds, don’t shit where they eat. JS

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