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Dottie Dwyer

Havre, MT, United States


I always feel lucky when I come across a Great Blue Heron to photograph, but can’t describe what it was like to come across an actual nesting colony of Great Blue Herons. Unbelievable. I have passed by this location numerous times over the years finally noticing the treetop nests, but never realized they were used by the Great Blue Herons. We are truly blessed to have them return each year to nest.



Great Blue Heron Nesting Colony

Great Blue Heron Nesting Colony

9 replies on “Great Blue Heron Nesting Colony”

Darlene Bren says:

I always enjoy the photos submitted by Dottie Dwyer. She does an excellent job of selecting interesting birds in their natural habitat. She makes great lighting choices and I am partial to Herons. Share more of Ms Dwyer’s work.
Thank you

Dottie Dwyer says:

Thank you for your kind comments.

Debby Knudson says:

Ms. Dwyer’s photos are so wonderful to view. She really captures Montana.

Darlene Montgomery says:

Dottie Dwyer has an eye for nature, especially for birds. I love Dottie’s work and always look forward to seeing more.

Dottie Dwyer says:

Thank you. Participating yearly in Project Feeder Watch has made me so much more aware of the birds we enjoy in our state. It is so exciting to find something new and to be able to share it.

Melanie McCulloch says:

Kudos, Dottie! These are amazing!

Dottie Dwyer says:

Thank you – it was a pretty exciting find!!!

It’s amazing how such giant birds nest in groups! Lucky you to have the opportunity to see it! Wow!

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful opportunity for you! Wonderful shot. Thank you for capturing it to share with us!

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