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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


I have had Great Horned Owls in Pueblo West and in our FeederWatch area cottonwood & Ponderosa Pine trees for decades. We can hear them hooting & mating, see them in the moonlight. From our kitchen windows, we see them at sunrise, perched on our 15′ tall basketball fixture to look for their next meal. Never have seen them nesting on or near our property or neighborhoods. I have photos of them in the light of the full moon, both perched in a Cottonwood.


Predatory birds

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Great Horned Owl Mother And Juvenile

Whooo' There?

One reply on “Great Horned Owl Mother and Juvenile”

Ava Johnson says:

Aaawww, cute. By the way, your photo is amazing!

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