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Caren Hanson

Case Road, Menifee, CA, United States


I’ve tried various ways to protect my feeders from the elements, and this one is easy and works great. I used extra-strong packaging tape to adhere it to the feeder station – at the top, middle and bottom. It ain’t going anywhere. The rain and wind came along, and it didn’t even budge. Next I’m adding some bird roosting nests, so the birds have a place to snuggle up in severe storms.



Great Rain And Wind Protection For Your Bird Feeder Station

This is a wind-resistant 63 inch black umbrella w a fiberglass shank - withstands storms great. I would advise raising up the feeders as high as possible for better protection.

7 replies on “Great rain and wind protection for your bird feeder station”

Laurie Broadbent says:

Wow I love it!!! I have been wanting to do this forever and looked for something like this! Where did you find the umbrella???

Diana Foust says:

This is wonderful. I’ve been contemplating doing this. Where did you get the umbrella? Is it non-collapsible?

BEE says:

So you were asked where you found the Umbrella and have NOT answered so I would like to know the same thing…
Please let us know

Tracey D says:

For those asking about the umbrella, just google / search windproof umbrella’s on Amazon , you will find one similar above to use . Thats what I did , hope that helps

Trudy Cuffe says:

Thank you for the suggestion I waste more bird food and I’m going to look thank you so much for your hint

Susi says:

Awesome idea, will see if we can do the same. So tired of cleaning out nasty feeders every time it rains!

Shari Harvey says:

How can that protect seed at the holes or trays when the wind is blowing the rain sideways? It rarely comes straight down.

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