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K McBeets

Spring Valley, CA, USA


We live in a suburban neighborhood with a small backyard that is frequented by sparrows, finches, kingbirds and doves. We had a family of wrens over the summer but have not heard a wren call since the fall and the hawk arrived.
The hawk comes in the morning and early evening when sparrows and finches are at the bird bath and feeders. Have seen it sitting in the birdbath on more than one occasion, but have never seen it bathing or grooming. My husband reported seeing it fly off with a sparrow in its talons. I heard a distressed call coming form the front yard. There were 2 hawks–the one with the sparrow in its talons had its wings partially spread and curved forward, shading, or shielding the prey in its talons.


Predatory birds

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Hawk Hunting Near My Feeders

I'm not the only one watching the feeder

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