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David Koren

Sarver, PA, USA


From the picture and observation, I believe this is a female Northern Harrier. We have observed this hawk over a period of two weeks in October, 2019 near our feeder and in our back yard, adjacent woods and fields. She has perched on the peak of our roof and looked down upon us as we looked back at her. We have seen her take a snake, a small bird, a large insect, and a chipmunk. She is not afraid to fly right by us. In the picture, she is perched on top of a tall ladder in our garden on which I grew pumpkin vines. I glued the ducky on top to watch over the cheerful pumpkins. In the two weeks that we have observed the hawk, we have seen her perch next to the ducky on two different occasions.


Predatory birds

Hawk Perching With A Rubber Ducky

Hawk perching by her rubber ducky (front view)

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