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Katherine A Kelley

Stamford, CT, United States


Again, I was about to do an afternoon feeder count and was getting my clipboard etc. I suddenly heard a thud noise. Ithought at first a bird had hit one of our windows. However we recently placed Bird Alert stickers and dots and have had lots success so looked out window. There on the ground under the feeder was a small hawk with its still-alive chipping sparrow in its talons. I moved to a different room overlooking the backyard to get a better look. Hawk shortly after flew off with its sparrow. Two hawks in two weeks at my backyard feeder area that I observed. Usually most birds stay away for a day or two after. This afternoon the juncos came back but no sparrows, doves, or cardinals. Merlin Bird ID suggested a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. It was smaller than the Cooper’s Hawk I saw last week. If someone thinks different, please advise – thank you. Photo taken with cell phone through a window.


Predatory birds

Hawk With Prey

Hawk with just captured sparrow at my feeding area

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