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Michael Cheves

New Bern, NC, USA


This is the 10th sighting of a Hermit Thrush in my yard this season. This winter is the first season I’ve had Hermit Thrush as a regular in my yard. Before winter 2020-21, I only had one yard sighting. I am still waiting to see any finches, which is very unusual since I usually see at least a few goldfinches foraging for sweetgum seeds. During last year’s irruption, I saw dozens of Purple Finches and American Goldfinches every day, even a few Pine Siskins, and they would clean out my feeders each day. But in the absence of finches this year, seeing this Hermit Thrush is a special occasion to me every time. Spotted thrushes look and sound to me like a bird from some sort of fairy tale. Their songs are wholly unique and instantly recognizable to me. Is this Hermit Thrush finding any food on the ground? I put food on the ground for doves and squirrels, but I can’t scatter too much or else the blackbird flocks will arrive and chase off all the other birds. I can’t tell for sure what this Hermit Thrush is feeding on, since it never stays for very long periods of time. I hope she or he will practice its song for me before it leaves for its breeding territory in a couple of months.

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Hermit Thrush 24th Jan. 2022

Hermit Thrush beneath my crepe myrtle

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