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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


So sad to see an outbreak of this disease on five House Finches in my FeederWatch area! I believe the disease broke out this March, 2023, after seeing my photos I downloaded from my camera. I put my feeders and water dishes in the garage sink to clean. Also, I didn’t put my feeders out again for two weeks.




House Finch

Sick Male House Finch with Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis Disease!

5 replies on “House Finch”

Paula says:

That’s a shame. I have House Finches (which I love) and currently five nestlings. Happy to report I’ve never seen that disease in any of my house finches here in Vermont.

Linda Cunico says:

Paula, I have discovered five House Finches with this disease so far, never seen it before after three years of being in the FeederWatch project! I will post photos of the five House Finches. I didn’t notice the diseased birds until I finally had time to look at my downloaded photos taken in Feb 15, 2023, because they looked like the disease was just starting. But there is also one female HF in very advanced stage. I was really sad to see her, an infrequent visitor for the last two FeederWatch seasons. I know it’s her because she has a distinct deformed bill too!!! Heart broken to say this morning while looking through my 600mm camera lens, I saw a male HF eating out of the hopper , just a week after rehanging it! So down go the feeders again, just as migrants are arriving!

Paula says:

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. What an awful disease.. I adore my house finches. They nest in my Christmas wreath every year and I have five nestlings right now. I am keeping a close watch on the HF’s and hope they stay healthy. I just cleaned my feeders with a solution of bleach and water…so far so good. Good luck.

Linda Cunico says:

Paula, I was SHOCKED at seeing birds OTHER than House Finch while looking through the “Sick Birds” participant photo gallery!!! I am heartsick that my five HF’s are infected-three females and two males. Still saw one male at my hopper feeder this week!!! So down go the feeders for a second time. Looking at my photos from Feb 15-March 25, this disease quickly advances. Happy for you to have HF nestlings, so much fun to observe their individual personalities as they grow up in your wreath! I bet they will return yearly, they found a perfect home with you!

Paula says:

Linda ~ hoping things will take a turn for for the better for the House Finches. Will keep a close eye on mine as I have HF five nestlings in my wreath!

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