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Michelle Scott

Brick, NJ, United States


My Only Child Was ‘Taken’ From Me By The Hands Of Another. I Look For All “Heaven Sent Signs’ From My Son Kenneth Forever 24 Scott




How A Mom Of An Angel Bond With Her Only Child In Heaven

My Sign From My Son In Heaven!! I Have A Family Of 6 Blue Jay's.. Cant catch them all in a pic at once but heres 3 of them on my porch eating breakfast(my sis feeds them peanuts in a shell) Started with seeing 1 everyday 2014, this pic was taken 11/11/17 and everyday ... I Love My Blue Jay Family!

3 replies on “How A Mom Of An Angel Bond With Her Only Child In Heaven”

Cheers, The skies may not always be blue, but having the blue jays around lifts the heart.
and enjoy the families, and family..

Michelle Scott says:

yes thats how i see it…. <3 <3

To live is the challenge. To continue,, and renew.. is the hope.. that many await..
your life. now must begin. with new.. and that is part of the poem..

and that.. is.. .. the breath of what we expect..Michelle. I, may be far away.. but. I, want
many and more pictures. of birdts.
Now.. get morre suet feeders. and get out there.. and.. do. give us great pictures..after all. we live in the north.. when it gets to below 4o.. Go.. and fetch us Something we can talk about.. andree in Canada.. is waiting.. now.. go for it..Michelle.. et Bonne observation des Oiseaux.. Bisous.. look up translation

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