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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States


You just know that, any second, the male, above, is going to asset his dominance and chase the female, below, away from the feeder; and the female doesn’t want to lower her guard to begin sipping, so they sat there staring at each other. It turned out to have a happy ending: the female drank from the feeder, and the male never attacked…this wouldn’t happen in September!



Hummingbird Tense Truce

Hummer stare-down

One reply on “Hummingbird tense truce”

I have Ruby Throated hummers since May at my feeder. they come 10 or more times a day and really more today . The female sits and drinks the other hovers!!
I am wondering why so many times such long sitting to drink. I change the nectar every 5-6 days. it’s been cold this week . It was last Friday last change.

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