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Burlington, VT, USA


Spotted a Hummer and when I looked again to take the shot there were two! House Wren with a large twig ~ building a nest in the Bluebird box.




Pair of HUmmers 6-4-23

5 replies on “Hummingbirds”

Texas Bird Family says:

Have you seen any males yet, you need males to have a pair of hummers.

Paula says:

By pair I just meant two…not a mated pair.

Texas Bird Family says:

Yes. I’ve only had 3 hummers this year. They rarely come. Hoping more come soon.

Caleb Koser says:

No bluebirds but wrens.

Texas Bird Family says:

I’ve only seen bluebirds up close once. It was a male and a female flying. I put out mealworms for my birds to feed their babies. Hoping some new birds show up!

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