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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA


This bird hangs out on the top of a dead tree. Way too far for me to get a good picture. I have looked at all the flycatchers, Phoebes , and Peewees and finally decided it looked more like an Olive-sided Flycatcher.
I would be happy if someone can verify my choice.



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I Think This Is An Olive-sided Flycatcher ??

Olive -sided flycatcherI

3 replies on “I think this is an Olive-sided Flycatcher ??”

Ava says:

I think you might be right, but it’s a little out of its range. They live in your state but not in the city that you have for your location.

Janice says:

Thanks Ava,
I am inland -not right on the beach
My lot in back is protected forested wetlands-
maybe he is just passing thru

Ava says:

I think so. On the Bird Guide it says that they like to live in/near bogs, which are basically wetlands.

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