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Madison, WI, USA


Sunning in the morning sun these three birds were perched on our big Norway Spruce tree that has many feeders on and under it. The actual air temperature was -29 with a windchill of about -45 degrees. Buurrrr!

I took the photo through our sunroom window when I noticed the Chipping Sparrow. This bird has been present since at least Dec. 24, 2018, the day we got home after my three week absence (my feeders were all maintained while I was gone) and nearly every day since. These little guys are rare in Wisconsin at this time of year, he probably thinks now he should have gone South with the Chipping Sparrows!

Photographed along with the Chipping Sparrow is a male House Finch, a male Northern Cardinal, and a Dark-eyed Junco all trying to get some morning warmth with protection from the wind in the spruce tree. There were many Dark-eyed Juncos in the branches of the tree as well as other species.

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