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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


I, know, sometimes I, cannot identify a bird, and that I, am by no means really good at taking pictures..
I, love watching them.. and feel that this kinship.. is also felt by many others.. who, like I,, have for many years
have not had ,, the great opportunity.. to share, feel great about Learning, and are not subject to the perfect of ID..Its the Sight, Wonder,Thrill, and Anticipation of having guests for dinner,, and the pride of setting the table..

It Is Not Easy Being A Novice Bird Watcher, Sometimes You Need Good Old Support,, And The Enthusiastic Projects

A great day for Woodpeckers,,,a very Woodpecker day... about 5.. The others, were camera shy..

2 replies on “It is not easy being a novice bird watcher, sometimes you need good old support,, and the enthusiastic projects”

Aleene Jones says:

I like your feeder set-up ~Very Attractive~

Any time, not sure of an I.D., I will be glad to help.

Aleene Jones
Southwestern Pennsylvania USA

Aleene,,years ago.. you never knew who I was..
but, you we re there..As I write today.. I, know.. you are Always..there..
your constant feedback and support.. makes this little feeder..
Worth. every wrong identification.. because.. FeederWatch is all about you..and will Always
be ya.. dear friend..
Thanks,, Aleene,

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