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Laura Hedden

Plainsboro Township, NJ, USA


Junco X White-throated Sparrow Hybrid?

I saw this bird during day 1 of this week's Feederwatch counting. Could it be a dark-eyed junco/White-throated sparrow hybrid? He had a white throat, and a brown back and wings. Also submitted to eBird.

3 replies on “Junco x White-throated Sparrow hybrid?”

Bob Vuxinic says:

I think it’s a Dark-eyed Junco that is partially leucistic.

Laura Hedden says:

Thank you! That is definitely also a possibility. I have seen some odd placement of white feathers on partially leucistic birds before. I saw a partially leucistic robin this week as well, and maybe I’ll post a photo of that bird too!

Texas Bird Family says:

leucistic Dark-eyed Junco.

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