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Donna Mead

Thorndike, Palmer, MA, United States


This fella has been hanging around the feeders quite a bit. Here he is looking at my barking dog, but really seems to not be bothered. H’s been diving into the bush he is standing on and fly out after sparrows. Still trying to determine if this is a Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk or Sharp Shinned Hawk. Any help with that would be appreciated!


Predatory birds

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk Or Sharp Shinned Hawk?

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk or Sharp Shinned Hawk?

4 replies on “Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk or Sharp Shinned Hawk?”

Aleene Jones says:

A Coopers Hawk gets my vote; take note of the thin streaks chest stripes, a Sharpie would have thicker, (more course), chest stripes.

Donna Mead says:

Thanks Aleene! I appreciate your insight. 🙂

Aleene Jones says:

Your welcome, Donna, glad I could be of help.

Aleene Jones says:

I posted a photo of a Sharp-shinned Hawk a couple pictures over to the left of your posts; please, take note of the courser, thicker, chest streaks on the Sharpie as to much thinner chest streaks on your picture of the Coopers..

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