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Gael Allegra

Salt Lake City, UT, USA


I am submitting this picture due to Feederwatch question about these birds being seen in high numbers for this date. This picture was taken April 29, 2020 showing buntings at my feeder. I do live at an altitude of almost 5000 ft. which is closer to the mountains as opposed to the city valley. So that might make a difference. I was not sure which category to select, so I selected sparrows and Cardinals. Sorry if it is not correct.

Lazuli Buntings

Lazuli Buntings

One reply on “Lazuli Buntings”

Ronette Mecham says:

I am no expert and I’m just starting to learn bird identification, but I also live in the Salt Lake City area (Draper) and I had two of these at my feeder this afternoon (April 30, 2020). They left before I could snap a pic, but I’ve been trying to figure out what they were ever since. I’d love to know for sure!!

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