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Carol Ross-Baumann

Eureka, MO


These leucistic bluebirds began appearing at my feeders in late July and continued coming through August as long as I kept mealworms and suet balls available. The young birds could feed themselves, but would posture for food if one of the parents showed up. Eventually they stopped coming to the feeder, but we still see them in the area and are hoping they will visit the feeders in fall and winter. Images were taken with Nikon L820.

Leucistic Bluebird Family

Leucisitc bluebird sibs at the feeder.

3 replies on “Leucistic Bluebird Family”

Brad Maisto says:

I just saw two leucistic bluebirds around my garden this morning, with several other bluebirds with normal coloring. Grandview, IN

Ava Johnson says:

That’s really interesting. They’re all so cute!

L. says:

I have seen a leucistic bluebird at a platform feeder along with a few normal bluebirds February 2023. I am wondering how rare this is in Northern Chester county, does anyone know in general?

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