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James Nelson

Bethesda, Maryland, United States


This fully leucistic House Finch has been visiting our feeders off and on since at least June of 2015, so its unusual coloring does not appear to affect its survival. It associates with the other House Finches, but we have not been able to determine if it is male or female. It is not a true albino because there is some faint shading and the eyes are dark.


Leucistic House Finch.

Leucistic House Finch with normal male.

One reply on “Leucistic House Finch.”

John Grimaldi says:

I live in Newark Delaware and a leucistic (I think house finch) has been visiting my feeder every day for the past week or so. It is completely white and looks just like the one pictured above. Is it possible that it will mate and produce more white birds?

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