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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA

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Male Grackle Cruising

4 replies on “Male Grackle cruising”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Great shot! Would you care to share info on camera and settings used to get the photo?

Janice Davis says:

I would be happy to share what info I can find. I hope you will see the humor in this–I am 87 years old.2020 Covid came and I treated myself to a Sony a a6600 ILCE and a Sony E-70-350mm lens.I had my first ever photography lesson last summer. I thought I would just set shutter speed really high.😊 This pic is from that time 1600 ISO, 475mm, shutter 2500. I really wanted hummingbird pictures😊.I had no idea about ISO etc. I kept it on auto most of the time. My lessons and joining Feederwatch have
helped me keep my sanity these last 2 years. When you stop laughing–let me know if I can help you with any thing else.

Janice Davis says:

Bob- the actual numbers for this pic :


Bob Vuxinic says:

If I laughed, it would only be at myself, because I’m terrible at getting action shots of birds in flight.That was the reason I was so interested. For those settings, the photo is remarkable! Thank you.

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