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Jennifer Desbiens

Niskayuna, NY, United States


Photo by Jennifer Desbiens. I was quite surprised one April morning to find a Mallard duck on my front lawn. It had been raining quite a bit but we had never had ducks around our neighborhood (the closest pond is a block away). So I grabbed my camera and began watching him. I noticed he was marching back and forth in front of the large Oak tree and then I noticed Mrs. Mallard (harder to see because she is all brown / tan) perched on top of the flat portion of where we had cut off one of the large branches of the Oak. I could only assume he was keeping watch over her and maybe their ducklings?? I had read that ducks sometimes have their babies in trees and the ducklings then jump out of the trees. I kept an eye on them throughout the day and eventually Mrs. Mallard jumped out of the tree. I didn’t see the ducklings jump but eventually I saw the ducklings and the whole family leave the yard. I made sure to keep our dog inside our fenced backyard the entire day.


Male Mallard Keeping Watch

Male Mallard Keeping Watch

One reply on “Male Mallard Keeping Watch”

Bob Vuxinic says:

What a great story. Thanks.

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