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Peggy Burhenn

Arroyo Grande, CA, USA


I witnessed mating behavior of 2 Greater Roadrunners (near the feeder right outside my kitchen window). Male was doing a weird swishing of his head back and forth and then caught a Western Fence Lizard. He caught up with the female, mounted her with the lizard in his mouth, they stayed together for maybe 1-2 minutes then separated and he gave her the lizard and he trotted off. The female walked in the opposite direction, and fluffed up her back feathers. She stood like that for at least 1-2 minutes. Then she trotted off behind her mate and off into the brush they went. The next day I could hear the GRRO call in the brush in the same area that they trotted off to the day before. I am hoping to see baby GRRO soon!



Mating GRRO

Looks closely, mating Greater Roadrunners. Male on top with western fence lizard in his mouth, female head visible below. After mating he gave the lizard to the female. Then she walked away and fluffed up her back, later trotted off to join him in the brush nearby. I heard them calling from the bushes the next day.

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Rachel Cross says:

Wow, amazing sighting and photo!

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