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Kelly Morgan

Aliso Viejo, CA, USA


I’ve had daily visits from an Orange-crowned Warbler for the past year. I’ve named “him” Ollie. Suddenly, this past week, it seemed like there were two “Ollies” with the newer bird being MUCH more skittish and hard to get a good look at. I finally got a photo and after studying it…realized that it might be a different bird. MUCH brighter yellow on the throat and chest, longer beak, and longer tail. Could this be a female Common Yellowthroat?

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Species: Common Yellowthroat

Meal Worm Feeders Are A Hit!

Orange-crowned Warbler eating live meal worms from feeder. This bird will alternate between the worm feeder, the suet feeder, and the nectar/bird jelly on the oriole feeder.

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