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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


This Merlin was watching birds at my bird feeder from a Cottonwood tree near my FeederWatch area, a first for me! Photo taken on February 20, 2022. Here in Colorado, Merlins are only seen in the winter. They come down from Canada and the northern United States, and feed mainly on birds they capture in flight. Didn’t mind that I was photographing her with my 600mm lens.


Predatory birds


Merlin Female/Immature (Prairie)

2 replies on “Merlin Female/Immature (Prairie)”

Betty says:

My next door neighbour reported seeing a Merlin going after the House Sparrows or Finches in our yard. We put out feed all throughout the year. I wasn’t home when it happened and was very disappointed to find out after the fact, and that I didn’t get to see it for myself! I was so jealous. My neighbour is also a bird watcher and enjoys the birds we attract to our tiny little yard.

Merlin seen in the northeast part of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Linda Cunico says:

Hi Betty,
I have many predatory birds: Merlin, Hawks, Great Horned Owls, even had a Loggerhead Shrike! I live in semi-desert area, but our home is a great stop over for migrants and local residents, because we actually have many trees, & native vegetation. Also, the Pueblo Reservoir is only five miles from my home, where I photograph Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and Osprey too! Anxious to see if the Western Tanager and Black headed Grosbecks make another visit to my yard this spring!

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