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Eleanor Sweetwood

Seattle, WA, United States


This little bird has us baffled. We can’t identify this species. We haven’t see any other birds like it. He is content to be around other species such as finches, chickadees, and juncos. There is only one that comes to our feeders. He/she eats black-oil sunflower seed and suet from the ground and also hanging feeders. We are baffled by his identity. Any ideas? We wonder if he might be a rare hybrid of some kind.

Mystery Bird

Mystery bird. Help us identify this bird.

2 replies on “Mystery bird”

Hugh KIngery says:

Your bird looks like a “leucistic” Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco.

Eleanor Sweetwood says:

Thank you Hugh! That makes sense. His little body is just like a junco but the coloring had me baffled. Thank you.

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