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Los Angeles, CA, USA


This bird is shaped and behaves like an American Robin. But it has these strange, very distinct, symmetrical throat markings on a white background that don’t seem to be leucism. The breast is dark gray with a rufous wash over it. By zooming into the image, a few darker spots can be seen on the breast, barely visible in the dark gray feathers, like juvenile Robins would have. It often appears with a group of Robins. It scratches in the mulch, bathes in our waterfall pools, and sits on tree branches. I looked through all the Thrush images in Macauley Library and can’t find one that has these markings. Has anyone seen this before?

Mystery Bird: Robin-like, With Strange Throat Marks And Coloration.

Robin-like bird (thrush) with strange throat marks & grayed breast. What is it?

2 replies on “Mystery bird: Robin-like, with strange throat marks and coloration.”

Sharon Emanuelli says:

Participant is not Alexander Kaiser, but me!

A says:

This bird seems to be an American Robin.

Probably partially leucistic.

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