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mila kedz

Tennessee, USA


I’m between 11-12 years old and my name is Mila Kedz. I ‘m a beginner nature photographer with a passion of birding. I have recently installed a birdbath in our yard to go with all feeders and natural habitat. Its been awesome to see so many birds visit it! Infact not long ago I attracted a rare species for the winter season, the Grey Catbird! There have also been a variety of common backyard birds coming to drink and bathe each day. If you are interested in seeing videos of the birdbath visitors and more, please check out my channel Mila Nature Lover!



New Birdbath Photos!

7 replies on “New Birdbath photos!”

Ava says:

Were these photos captured with a camera trap?

Mila Kedz says:

No, I just use an old iPhone. I empty as much space as possible on it and let the phone record for up to 1 to 2 hours at a time. After the iPhone is done recording, I look through the footage looking for bird activity and taking screenshots of moments I like. For more check my channel: Mila Nature Lover!

Joan M. Tisdale says:

So good to see your interest in birding including creating natural habitats. Keep up the good work and have fun with nature photography.

Mila Kedz says:

Thank you, for your support. As you noticed I added some old branches and a fern in addition to the birdbath to create bird habitat. I will keep up the good work and have fun with nature photography. If interested in seeing the birdbath videos check out my YouTube channel: Mila Nature Lover.

Laura Hedden says:

You have the same birdbath set-up that I do – a large flat tray with some rocks and a heavy one to weigh it down – and all the birds love it! I think the birdbath brings more birds in than the feeders! Love that you have so many species coming to it already.

Mila Kedz says:

I have to agree, the birdbaths do seem to bring in more birds than the feeders. What species have you attracted? I have attracted at least 15 species. To see the birdbath videos, check out my YouTube channel, Mila Nature Lover.

Texas Bird Family says:

In summer when it gets over 100 (sometimes 110) I get tons of birds coming to drink and bathe. Its still spring but its in the 100s already!

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