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Joan Wiitanen

Tear Lake, Stanton Township, MI, United States


Both the female and males have red on the crown so this one may be too young or in transition or something?

No Red On This Yellow Bellied Sapsucker-Hmm?

9 replies on “No Red On This Yellow Bellied Sapsucker-Hmm?”

Katie Bosman Krotje says:

I have one of these in my yard south of Kansas City. (This is January 2019 for reference) No red anywhere, but everything else points to Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.

C Ford says:

We have a similar case. Face stripes look like a sapsucker but no red at all. Have had one the past two winters. Live near Dayton, OH.

Jim Demers says:

Spotted one in Brooklyn NY on May 4, 2019.

Jim Demers says:

Simillar individual spotted in Brooklyn NY on May 4, 2019. Random distribution so far … looks like a rare, spontaneous mutation.

Same thing last week on Manitoulin Island in Ontario. Would attach photo, except I don’t see how to do it.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Diane, to add a photo, you will need to upload one separately on the Participant Photos Gallery homepage.

Susan Marie Chesloff says:

Spotted one in Bayside, Queens NY today- very slight brownish crown

Jeffry F Goodrum says:

Jan. 2023 NC Had one of these at our feeder the past two years. Sometimes has a male companion nearby so seems to be a mature female without any red.

MA Larson says:

We have one in Stillwater, OK. It appears alternately with a female with a clearly red crown.

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