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Gary Mueller

Rolla, MO, United States


Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

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Jim says:

Nice photo, Gary

Found one here, Paducah KY, June 19, 2018

Found one in Ellenville NY June 28 2018

Susan Sewell says:

A first for me! Shady Valley TN, July 19, 2018

Saw my first one ever today! August 25, 2018 Appleton, WI

Austin Christmas says:

I have never seen a woodpecker like this one. I had to google what kind of bird. I thought it was strange to see him at night and so close!!! Merigold, Mississippi – September 23, 2018

Susan Greaney says:

Just saw one in Kennebunk, Maine. My first time seeing one.

Deb, Shelton. Ct says:

Just saw one on our lawn digging for worms. Very soft moist turf after all the rain we just had. 10/28/18

mark says:

Just saw a Flicker in Northern IL, very cool never seen one before

Denise says:

small flock of them visiting our yard just east of Nashville TN

Liz says:

We just saw this too! Digging in the grass. Very cool!!! Wilmington area, North Carolina.

Carol says:

Just saw one at our bird feeder among our doves, quail, and sparrows in Boise, Idaho.

Merry F Shane says:

Saw our first one today at our bird bath. Huge and beautiful! Belvidere IL (northern Illinois)

Patricia Parke says:

Am delighted to have seen my first ever big ole Northern Flicker feeding in my backyard in Scottsville, Kentucky today! He disappeared into the treeline behind our property after I watched him pecking deeply into the grass for about five minutes. Temperature is 37 degrees, sunny, and no wind…following yesterday’s ice-melt. Because of your wonderful photo, I was able to positively identify this gorgeous bird! Thank you, Gary Mueller!

Jenifer says:

I just saw my fist Flicker today, Beaufort SC, pulling berries from a tree.

Nancy says:

They are so beautiful. 1st time I have seen these birds feeding. We have a pistachio tree that gets small seeds that ripen in fall. There is a small flock that keep visiting this year.

Chuck Breen says:

I saw one this morning at our suet feeder. Competing with the snow birds. Cavendish Newfoundland.

Kelly says:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania here…gorgeous one competing with the Downy’s for suet.

Sandra says:

Mentor, Ohio. A large one came to my suet feeder
this morning at 10:00. So beautiful! First time I’ve seen a flicker at my feeder.

Diana Brawley says:

Saw one today in charlottesville in the snow! Beautiful

I just sae one in my back yard today for my first time, i loved it,he was so wild to see

Samantha says:

Have had a pair visit our yard (owned by a pair of robins) for the last 3 days. Lanark, Ontario Canada

Columbus, OH – This guy has been banging on our tin roof ridge vents at 7am the last couple of mornings. (May4th-5th: Cool spring morning, everywhere is flooded due to excessive rain, but I doubt he is finding any ants on the roof especially after all that banging! (Marysville, OH)

Mayra Ohara says:

I saw my first one today. Ground feeding by the pond. Beautiful bird!!! Newburgh, Indiana

Cindy Birth says:

Just saw one in Shickshinny PA.

Diane says:

Saw one for the first time in Illinois – digging his beak (while uprooting weeds) between my sidewalk cracks… probably looking for milk at base of roots maybe, or bugs as part of its diet. He/she went around and edged the lawn for me.

Ann says:

Amazingly beautiful! First time I have ever seen this type of bird. So I googled to find out what kind of bird I was watching and it led me to this site. Seen in Knox County, Ohio.

Kate Beltz says:

Saw one for the first time in Grand Rapids, MI! SO PRETTY!

Mo B says:

Just saw my first one on July 16,2019 in Syracuse NY
It was poking around in the cracks of the sidewalk. What a beautiful bird.

Randy says:

Just saw one in my back yard tonight here in Exeter Ontario.
It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one of these…beautiful.

Tim says:

See one in my yard looking for worms after i cut an watered the grass

Denise says:

Watched one of these gorgeous birds for half an hour digging for worms and ants on my lawn this afternoon. He was not impressed nor intimidated by the dozen of blue jays that were feeding near by. I live in Valcartier Quebec.

lupatrian says:

Saw my first, at suet feeder. Cape Cod, MA

Eric Cadora says:

Saw my first close up today rummaging through the yard and garden (Port Washington, NY). The boss of the backyard.

william i cribbs says:

Have one coming back all the time for Suet. To fast to get a picture of and was finally able to identify by this site. Beautiful Bird.

Just saw this Beautiful bird with its mate, it looked like a Woodpecker. They were foraging on the ground…Oddly. I had to look it up.
Alachua, Fl 1/11/2020.

Marylyn says:

Just saw a pair on dogwood. Olympi wa

Kim says:

Just saw one in Winchester, Ontario. First time ever, little guy was digging in my backyard 🙂

Deb Mrazik says:

I saw my first Northern Flicker today! BEAUTIFUL! Elyria Township, Ohio ♥️

Nealis says:

This is the first time I’ve ever seen one!! Saw in Lock Haven, PA on 4/12/20, Easter Sunday, at 9:00 am, 38° So beautiful! I bet God enjoyed “painting” him/her!

Tim says:

This is the first time I have seen a Flicker here in the Western Foothills of Maine! Beautiful bird! Three at once foraging on the ground!

Paul Preble says:

Saw one on my cake feeder, never seen one here before. I saw the long tongue. Sebec Maine.

Will says:

Handsome fella in my front yard here in Kansas, lucky me..I’ve heard their call before but never identified what it was.

Susan Arlitt says:

One showed up nibbling sumach flowers in my christmas urn on the front porch. Very exciting!!!

Joe Chiavarini says:

Very exciting Saw one in back yard St catharines ontario
Was digging in lawn

Bob bush says:

two pair digging in the lawn been here for few weeks and probably nesting in one of the nearby dead oaks. distinct red back of head and black bib, seem to like the open space for Spring feeding on the lawn, sighted In Ontario, District of Muskoka, Township of Georgian Bay

Cathie Berkley says:

There were two in our front yard this morning in Woodbridge, Va. They were hopping around in the wet mulch and grass. Maybe looking for worms.

Peggy says:

Saw this lovely bird today in Rocky River, Ohio, apparently feeding in the grass and flower bed. First time to ever see one. Thanks for your great photos that enabled me to identify.

Judy says:

Saw one in Central Park, NYC last week, pecking furiously in the crevice of a rock. I
What a beautiful bird!

Robert J says:

Saw one yesterday poking in the grass in LaSalle,Ontario. Initially thought it was a rabbit from a distance. Grabbed the binoculars, what a beautiful bird.

Anne Trottier says:

Saw one today in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Had to look it up, had never seen one. Gorgeous bird.

Kath says:

Saw one for the first time today in Rochester, Mi. Had to look up n c what it was.

Tdrjc says:

Sept 24, 2020 saw one in my backyard at the pool, early morning. He was looking for water. He walked up close to me and then flew to a maple tree in my yard looking for insects. He stayed about ten minutes and let me watch him and got about 5 feet away from me, very exotic for my back yard loved it. Harrisburg Pa

Found in my backyard in Pittsburgh,Pa. It has all the markings of a male Woodpecker as shown in the photo. I occasionally hear Woodpeckers in my area, this was the first time I had seen one.

Conrad hunter says:

Northern flicker is spotted quite frequently on my North Eastern Quebec property Kipawa
a very unique beautiful bird full of colour.
Bye for now but he’ll be back

Ronda Maine says:

Saw one this morning in the delta of Mississippi. First time seeing him. Thanks for the nice information.

Jane Hawley says:

First time ever seeing this bird and I’m 60 yrs. old!! Cedar Rapids, IA.

There is a pair visiting a dead tree in my Madison, Al yard right now. The small fruit tree is already hosting a pair of nesting blue birds. So cool.

Theresa Cook says:

Beautiful birds. We have a couple of them flying around our farm. Hinton West Virginia.

twigfarm says:

Just saw our first here in Ridgefield, CT. Checking out our walk & digging in our lawn right outside our kitchen window. Cool bird!

Saw one this morning for the first time ever in southwestern Illinois. Beautiful bird.

Olinka says:

Saw this bird for the first time Head of the Harbor, LI, NY. Thought it was a woodpecker at first haha digging at ground for bugs. Stunning!

Katryna B says:

Saw this poor guy for the first time this evening. Poor thing hit the sunroom window and scared me to death! Hopped off into the foliage, hope he just knocked himself senseless and didn’t harm himself. Muskegon, Michigan

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