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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


I’ve been here in Tennessee photographing birds for just shy of 17 years, in all that time never more than a single Brown Thrasher, and never more than one Mockingbird has ever appeared at a feeder. AND THEN…
…yesterday, for the very first time, I saw two Brown Thrashers on my tray feeder. If that wasn’t a big enough “First”, today for the very first time, a pair of Northern Mockingbirds shared the feeder…a big “double FIRST”!
Luckily, both yesterday and today were FeederWatch days, thus I was watching with camera at the ready when both events happened.

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Northern Mockingbirds

A Mockingbird "first"

One reply on “Northern Mockingbirds”

Texas Bird Family says:

That’s a male and a female. The female is the smaller one with a darker, shorter tail.

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