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Lisa Heil

Oakland, CA


The Nuttall’s woodpecker roosts in my Western Bluebird houses throughout the fall/winter months. Has done this in various houses in my yard for the last 8 years. Usually it has been in the front yard but this year he surprised me by using the house in the back yard. I read that a Nuttalls Woodpecker life span is about 7.8 years, so technically this could be the same bird, however I really have no idea. It always has a red head, so it is either a male or a juvenile of either sex (per Wikipedia). You tell me Cornell! I go out as many evenings and/or mornings as possible to watch him leave for work each morning, or come home to tuck himself in for the night. His timing is the same relative to the sunrise/sunset each day so he’s easy to catch in a video or photo. These still shots were taken on consecutive days, January 24th and 25th, 2023. They are both screenshots of videos I took.

Nutthalls Woodpecker Roosting Nightly

Nuttalls Woodpecker roosting in Western Bluebird house throughout the fall/winter months.

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